When you dance with the crocodile
Kids & Young Adult
A5, Softcover, Full colour
First published: 
N$ 127.50

 “Continue if you dare,” flashes across the computer screen as Helena’s father tests a new computer game on her. The game is said to be extremely dangerous. Before Helena’s father leaves the house, he warns her not play the game. But she is cross with him for leaving her alone and in defiance goes back to the game. She clicks on a video showing a girl in trouble and, unable to resist the urge to help her, tumbles back in time to a southern Africa beset by slave traders, wild animals, hostile inhabitants and runaway criminals.

Helena’s older brother Sam, intent on rescuing her, follows close on her heels. Before they find each other, their courage and resourcefulness are tested to the limit as they must face and overcome dangerous and difficult situations.

The book is a gripping and humorous page-turner that has a bit of everything – science-fiction, adventure, history and romance. It is suitable for all readers, but will appeal especially to boys and girls aged between 10 and 13.