A Beginner's Guide to Ageing

A former journalist, now in her seventies, explores a new world of ageing in a cheerful and friendly style to inform, amuse, comfort and inspire, brushing away the dusty cobwebs of outdated concepts about ageing and encouraging the reader to seize opportunities for growth and a zest for life and emerge fitter and more vital than their parents and grandparents before them.


Namibia is a land of contrasts like no other on the African continent. Hugh Ellis' poetry and accompanying photography brilliantly capture these contrasts and how they manage to co-exist – juxtaposed and yet interwoven. His poetry has resonance with the wider world as well, and many will find meaning in his words and take ownership of his experiences, regardless of where they are.

Hauptsache Windhoek

Kennen Sie Windhoek? Wirklich? Was ist denn nun Windhoek, wie ist Windhoek, was macht Windhoek eigentlich aus? Bei einer Stadt mit so vielen Kulturen, so vielen Einflüssen und so viel Diversität ist es gar nicht so einfach, diese Frage einschlägig zu beantworten.

Official Guest Register

Hospitality establishments throughout Namibia are required to keep a register of all their guests, both domestic and international. The Official Guest Register, endorsed by the Namibian Tourism Board, is ready-made for the purpose, with generous columns for all the information required. The wire-spiral binding means the register lies open without the spine having to be broken.

Padhaikoes uit Namibië

Hierdie bundel, waarin Henriëtte haikoes en gedigte uit haar vorige bundels in ‘n nuwe verwerking aan die leser voorstel, is geïnspireer deur die Namibiese landskap en mense soos sy hulle in talle reise deur die land ervaar het.

Toktok Talkie

Written by a desert ecologist, this range of articles was first published in a weekly newspaper column between 2011 and 2013. His conversations with Zophosis moralesi, a toktokkie beetle, reveal the author’s musings about nature and his observations of peoples’ relationship to it.

Welwitschia's World

The welwitschia features prominently in Namibia’s national coat of arms. It is unique in the floral kingdom and limited in its distribution to northwestern Namibia and southwestern Angola. In this brief volume, Joh Henschel combines rhymes and over 100 photographs to explore numerous facets of this enigmatic plant’s history and life cycle as well as the environment it occurs in.