The Little Weaver Bird

This delightfully illustrated booklet joins little Wilbur, a masked weaver, as he is old enough to leave his home – one of those striking suspended nests that everyone recognizes – for the very first time. Gradually, he develops more confidence and makes ever bigger forays into the world in which he lives. But at the dam he meets other birds who have a lot to say about his appearance.

The Most Important Book

An avid reader, young Kano is puzzled by the question of which book might possibly be the most important. Unable to decide for himself, he goes to the library and asks the books to help him make up his mind. As in any other pageant, the books go out of their way to convince him of their merits, trying to outdo each other. Which one will he choose?

When you dance with the crocodile

 “Continue if you dare,” flashes across the computer screen as Helena’s father tests a new computer game on her. The game is said to be extremely dangerous. Before Helena’s father leaves the house, he warns her not play the game. But she is cross with him for leaving her alone and in defiance goes back to the game.