Das Elfen-Perlhuhn-Wunderland

Mit seinen schönen Illustrationen nimmt dieses Buch Kinder auf eine Reise in eine Fantasiewelt, in der sich Fabelwesen und Tiere, Vögel und Pflanzen aus der namibischen Natur begegnen. Mit den Elfen und Perl- hühnern streifen sie durch deren Wunderland und sehen, wie sie spielen, erleben, lernen und sich mit alltäglichen Aufgaben abgeben.

Elves and Feathered Friends

This beautifully illustrated book allows children to journey into a phantasy world comprising a mix of fabled creatures and Namibian animals, birds and plants. As they join the elves and guineafowl in their everyday life – playing, exploring, celebrating, finding food – they keep meeting characters as individual and extraordinary as the world they live in.

Im Netz Des Krokodils

 “Mach weiter, wenn Du dich traust!” blinkt es auf dem Bildschirm des Computers. Helenas Vater ist dabei, ein neues Computerspiel zu testen, und zwar ein ziemlich gefährliches. Deshalb verbietet er ihr, weiter zu spielen, als er aus dem Haus geht. Aber Helena ist sauer auf ihn, weil er sie schon wieder alleine lässt, und klickt auf Weiter.

It all goes wrong

Twelve-year-old Amy is devastated when her parents move from Cape Town to Windhoek. She misses her old life and finds Namibia thoroughly boring. Everything in her old life is changing, and things that she took for granted are being swept away from her. As she struggles to make new friends and fit in, her loneliness is intensified by difficulties at home.

Jahohora and First Day

Jahohora lives in a traditional Herero homestead with her family, and loves listening to stories. This one introduces children to some of the core values and beliefs of the Herero people through their creation myth, the children of the omumborombonga tree.

Keepers of Equilibria

The peaceful forest-like world of Equilibria is protected by a race of elemental beings called Keepers. There are several Keeper tribes, and it is their duty to maintain balance and keep the forest healthy. One day, this balance is shattered by an unexplained incident and the different tribes all stand accused. It takes a brave group to forge unbreakable bonds and stand together in unity.

My First Book of Namibian Mammals

Namibia is world-renowned for its diverse flora, and this is the ideal way to introduce youngsters to the more common mammals that occur in the country. Extensively illustrated with over 140 photographs, this manageable volume features 27 species ranging from the lion and elephant to the seal and the mongoose.

Spooky Stories

If you thought kids only love reading spooky stories, you’re wrong – they also love writing them. In this anthology, written by learners aged 8 to 13 years from St. Paul’s College and the International School in Windhoek, the various young authors allow their imagination a free rein and provide the reader with a well-balanced mix of phantasy and reality.


Namibia is finally free and Sumbu’s family can return home from exile. But not everyone in the village is happy about the new arrivals. Things come to a head, and when Sumbu’s mother goes visiting, the resourceful Sumbu decides to follow on her tricycle. What happens next will teach them all the power of understanding, togetherness and caring for one another.

The Big Adventure

This quirky rhyming story with its lively illustrations tells the story of Frederick Fieldmouse on his very first adventure outside his tree home. Sent out to find food for his family on his own in a land filled with so many dangers yet unfamiliar to him, his enthusiastic foray into the big wide world sees him skip innocently into one hilarious incident after the other.