Bullies, Beasts and Beauties

Life can be cruel, and cruelty can come at the hands of many, be they bullies, beasts or even beauties! In this anthology, the distinction between fiction and reality is very much blurred – the characters, the situations they find themselves in, the cruelty and humiliation they suffer and the emotions they experience strike a hauntingly familiar note.

Dante International

Dante Dumeno is the epitome of a post-independence upstart tycoon with a rags-to-riches career. Lots of money, good looks and designer clothing make for a good life with one party after the other, one lover after the other. But then his former sexual conquests start turning up as corpses. A serial killer is on the loose in Windhoek.

Die Vloek uit die Ooste

Vir Gert Steyn en Gideon Meyer gaan dit maar swaar. Toe kry hulle ‘n ou kaart in die hande, ‘n kaart wat vertel van 'n verborge skat êrens in die bosse van die noordooste van Namibië. Hulle is oortuig dis nie net nog ‘n dronkstorie nie, oortuig daar is werklik ‘n fabelagtige skat wat eens behoort het aan ‘n eksentrieke keiser, ‘n skat wat bestaan uit kosbare juwele.

Mama Namibia

It’s 1904, and Germany has claimed all of South West Africa. Since the Herero would rather fight than surrender their ancestral homes, General von Trotha has declared that they all should be forced into the Omaheke to die. Surviving on her own in the desert, 12-year-old Jahohora searches for her family while hiding from German soldiers.

The Innocent Bones

House renovators discover human bones, and Detective Jack Malepo is called in. Nothing can prepare him for what he finds at the scene, which makes him even more determined to find the culprit and bring him to justice. His investigations take him back to events fifty years and more in the past, to the tale of two cousins.

The Kupferberg Mining Company

The story revolves around a very average Afrikaans fellow named Rudolf de Wet, who starts out on a routine journey to a remote wildlife outpost where he needs to repair damaged radio equipment. Taking a scenic route that few people have travelled on, he unknowingly becomes a pawn in a political match-up.

This is not a flowerpot

With keen observation and an enduring sense of irony, Amy Schoeman chronicles Lizelle’s journey from being a woman with no clear idea of what she wants to one who chooses personal freedom and control over her life. A haphazard journey that starts in Hilversum in Holland and ends in Cape Town in South Africa.

Where the Lion Stalks

This exciting adventure story is a sequel to the award-winning novel, “When you dance with the crocodile.” It can be read on its own as a stand-alone novel. It will be enjoyed by children as well as adults.