Sharon Kasanda

Sharon began writing at the age of 15. Her love for writing short adventure stories blossomed into an interest in crime thrillers, which gave birth to her first published novel, Dante International. Sharon has also written for the worldwide magazine, Suite 101, assisting in increasing the magazine’s readership by contributing above par articles.

In addition to her writing, her day to day experiences are entrenched in local economic development, innovation platform management and the running of her green natural hair and skin products business, Afrorage. With an MBA, a degree in Business Administration and vast experience in various disciplines under her belt, Sharon Kasanda is a well rounded individual. She has had experience in sales and marketing techniques, operations support, assisting in global conference organisation, NGO development work and has worked in the freelance world as a business writer. Having worked both in Namibia and in the United Kingdom, she has built on these experiences to add to the expertise in her fields.