Noreen Arangies

Noreen Arangies is a born Namibian and lives in Windhoek with her family. As a young girl, she found an outlet in writing down her thoughts, and this practice has developed into a cherished platform for her to present her ideas and creative work. Noreen was inspired to write children’s books after the birth of her son. Since she considers children to be humanity’s future and main responsibility, she concentrates on writing for children and young teenagers, weaving moral values, choices and accountability into works that are nonetheless  captivating and entertaining. She strongly values family, integrity and respect and is a firm believer in encouraging and educating people to build a better society. As a Christian, she promotes Christian values and loves the challenges of creative and descriptive writing. Her first book, The Most Important Book, won a gold award at the Namibian Children’s Book Forum Awards Ceremony in October 2012. Noreen also contributes to animal awareness by writing short stories for the PAKO (People Animal Kids Organization) magazine, a children’s magazine established in collaboration with Namibia Animal Awareness, the SPCA and Border Collie Rescue Namibia.