Erna Müller

Erna Müller started writing stories at a young age. She still has and treasures the very sympathetic rejection letter sent to her for the first complete manuscript she wrote and submitted to a publisher when she was nine years old. Eventually her attempts did get published, as short stories in the magazines Huisgenoot, Sarie and the former Brandwag.

Her first book, Leandie en die Wonderklimtol, won the ATKV award for the best book for children in the category 8-9 years in South Africa. The secondary schools she worked in as a language teacher for more than 20 years offered a rich setting for stories, and soon English books for older children and young adults followed. One of her books, Diamond, set in our dry country, Namibia, has been used in schools in Swaziland as a prescribed book for many years .

Her first book published by Namibian publisher Wordweaver, When You Dance with the Crocodile, received the Namibian Children’s Book Forum gold award  in the category English prose.

Published Works: 

Lelanie en die Wonderklimtol (J.P. van der Walt 1992)
Diamond (Macmillan 1994)
The Choice (Macmillan 1995)
Match Point (Tafelberg 1998)
Voices in the Night (Macmillan 1998)
Extra Time (Macmillan 2009)
When You Dance with the Crocodile (Wordweaver 2012)
It All Goes Wrong (Wordweaver 2014)
Im Netz des Krokodils (Wordweaver 2015)
Where the Lion Stalks (Wordweaver 2016)