Amy Schoeman

Amy Schoeman was born in England and educated in Namibia and South Africa, where she obtained a B.Comm. (Law) degree at the University of Stellenbosch. After spending several years in Europe, she settled in Windhoek, working as a journalist/photographer at the Namibian Department of Nature Conservation for eight years, then as a free-lance writer, photographer and editor at Venture Publications in Windhoek on a full-time basis between 2004 and 2013, with photography as her main creative outlet.

From the outset she specialised in environmental photography, focussing on the graphic, textural and abstract qualities of the desert landscape. In the 1990s she also started pointing her camera at objects and people to express concepts and ideas. These images are primarily in black and white and have recurring themes. She sees her latest portfolio – Mystic Desert – as the culmination of her desert work.

When it comes to her writing career, Amy has several non-fiction books to her name, including Skeleton Coast, Notes on Nature, Tones and Textures and Kolmanskop – Past and Present. Published fiction includes a short story in Impressions of Independence – Six Namibian Stories; a short story short-listed in the Ian St James Awards competition and published in the ACCLAIM magazine; and an anthology of short stories, Mirage & other stories. In 2009 two of her one-act plays were produced at the National Theatre of Namibia as part of the Bank Windhoek Arts Festival, while a full-length play currently awaits production. This is Not a Flowerpot is her first novel.

Published Works: 

Skeleton Coast (Macmillan South Africa 1984)
Notes on Nature (John Meinert 1984)
Tones & Textures (Clifton Publications 1988)
Notes on Nature 2 (Windhoek Printers & Publishers 1988)
Portfolio Last Light  (1989)
Notes on Nature (Gamsberg Macmillan 2002)
Mirage & Other Stories (Gamsberg Macmillan 2003)
Kolmanskop  – Past & Present (with Helga Kohl, Klaus Hess 2004)
This is Not a Flowerpot (Wordweaver 2013)
Epic Land – Namibia Exposed (Protea Book House 2015)