Amy Schoeman

Amy Schoeman was born in England and educated in Namibia and South Africa, where she obtained a B.Comm. (Law) degree at the University of Stellenbosch. After spending several years in Europe, she settled in Windhoek, working as a journalist/photographer at the Namibian Department of Nature Conservation for eight years, then as a free-lance writer, photographer and editor.

Bryony van der Merwe

Born in Namibia, Bryony van der Merwe has worked in the country’s publishing industry for 14 years and accumulated a wealth of experience in the field ranging from graphic design and layout through to establishing and running enterprises to publish magazines, newsletter and books. As a woman of words, she is passionate about reading, writing and publishing great books.

Charmaine Stewart

Charmaine Stewart was born and raised in the Old Transvaal. She lived the life of a model citizen for the first 20 years of her adult life, working hard and raising her three children. Once into her forties, though, she decided to go out and find the adventure she had always craved. She and her husband moved to Namibia where they built and ran the Langholm Hotel for 10 years.

Erika von Wietersheim

Erika von Wietersheim was born in Lüderitzbucht, Namibia, in 1952. She grew up in Namibia, Germany and South Africa and has permanently lived in Namibia since 1976. She studied at the University of Cape Town and then lived on a farm, where she ran a farm school for all children in their neighbourhood until the year 2000.

Erna Müller

Erna Müller started writing stories at a young age. She still has and treasures the very sympathetic rejection letter sent to her for the first complete manuscript she wrote and submitted to a publisher when she was nine years old. Eventually her attempts did get published, as short stories in the magazines Huisgenoot, Sarie and the former Brandwag.

Hugh Ellis

Hugh Ellis grew up in multicultural community in London, England, as a child of Namibian exiles. His family returned to Namibia after independence and Hugh completed high school in Windhoek before going on to study at Rhodes University in South Africa. After completing his first degree, he worked as a journalist at The Namibian and later as a communication officer.

Isabel Eckleben

Artist Isabel Eckleben was born in Freiburg, Germany, in 1957. Her early art tuition occurred in Munich, where she was an apprentice at a Bauernmalerei firm. She moved to Lesotho in 1975 to work as a prop designer for Holiday Inn. A year later saw her enrolled at the Port Elizabeth College for Advanced Technical Education, specializing in illustration and graphic design.

Isabella Morris

Isabella Morris is an award-winning South African writer who holds a Master's degree in Writing from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. She is a contributor of feature and travel articles to mainstream South African newspapers. Isabella teaches travel writing and short story writing workshops.

Jean Fischer

Jean Fischer started her journalistic career in 1958 as co-founder of the Namib Times newspaper together with the late Paul Vincent. In the early seventies she moved to Windhoek working as a journalist, editor, arts editor, columnist, feature and travel writer in community, national and international spheres. Now in her late seventies, she has embarked on a fiction writing career.